Round ‘Em Up!

Today’s assignment on Writing 101 was to publish a roundup. Well, actually, it was to publish a collaborative post, but I never got around to that. I meant to. Really. I did. I even thought of some great fellow bloggers I wanted to write with, but… Anyway, it didn’t happen. This is a nice time… Read More Round ‘Em Up!

Hello, World!

Today’s post is for Writing 101, and my assignment is to find my inspiration from my statistics. I have to confess, as a dedicated Type-A personality, I have already been rather well-acquainted with my stats; from the beginning, I have been excited by the variety of nations represented on my little map. I haven’t ever… Read More Hello, World!

Laugh or Cry

6:08 a.m. NaaNaNaaNaNaaaaa Mwowww NaaNaNaaNaNaaaaa I am really starting to hate this song as the opening riff from ELO’s “Do Ya” vibrates from my iPhone. Rolling over, I can’t quite figure out what’s wrong. Am I even really awake? No…Smile…Wait. Yes. Crud. I tap the snooze timer to steal 9 more minutes of sleep from… Read More Laugh or Cry