About Spontaneous Rains

Hi! I’m Tracey Rains! I think I’m funny. And sometimes profound. I love writing and reading and all things whimsical. But who am I?

Well, I’m Tracey, and spontaneity has never quite been my strong suit. I’m a planner; I make reservations for every trip, for dinner, for lunch even. I researched for weeks before committing to a smart phone. I started and trashed multiple versions of my introduction my this site, realizing that it is very difficult to describe myself without either sounding like an egomaniac (maybe I am…) or falsely self-effacing.  But here goes…

If I’m such a planner, why Spontaneous Whimsy? While I believe that planning ahead is infinitely superior to jumping in to decisions with your eyes closed, there is a chance I over-do it on occasion. My spontaneous side has been smothered far too long, and I’m developing a home for it here. Whimsy, on the other hand, is never in short supply in Rainsville. So, I’m putting my weak and strong sides together.

So who am I? I’m a word lover with various interests living out the life of a frustrated writer here on my blog! I’m a public school teacher, and have been for thirty years; I’m proud of that work, and I won the Stephen Sondheim Inspirational Teacher Award in 2015. I’m a singer– in public when I get the chance (I’m pretty good); I love music of most any genre (not modern country, though); I love animals and have a houseful; I enjoy learning about other cultures; I love to read and write–which does not preclude an enjoyment of television; I enjoy Art, fine foods, not so fine foods, and my secret ambition is to sing in a Big Show (Oh, I guess it’s not so secret any more), and I think I’m funny. And maybe on occasion profound.



happy pup
Hi! This is me! Let’s be friends!

Hi! I’m Sophie! I like running. I like people. I hate bunnies. They’re evil. They pretend they’re not, but they are. I used to live somewhere else, but that wasn’t home. Now I live here with Mr. Carl and Mrs. Tracey and my BFF Isabel, Mr. Boomer (he’s so nice), and my snack buddy, Buffy.

Me and Isabel, my BFF
Me and Isabel, my BFF


This is Buffy. We're Snack Buddies.
This is Buffy. We’re Snack Buddies.
Mr. Boomer. He's nice. We talk at night.
Mr. Boomer. He’s nice. We talk at night.

8 thoughts on “About Spontaneous Rains

  1. Tracey,
    I would love to nominate other bloggers. I see that you have won this award…Congratulations! It’s awesome and exciting! I will have to work on the rules over this weekend though. You made my day and I’m truly exited about this. Thank you and enjoy your Friday. Yaz.

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  2. Hello, Tracey, Carl and, of course, Sophie. Thanks for following my blog – is Sophie following too? I like the rest of the animals as well, pretty cosy home you’ve got going there! Cool blog, as well. Pleased to meet you all. Marina


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