I Am Not Dead!

alienBut would you believe kidnapped by aliens?

I didn’t think so.

When I signed in to start working on another post, I was chagrined to see how long it had been since I’d been Whimsical! I’d like to say that I’ve been working hard on lesson plans for the new semester or brushing up on ma Français, pas non.  Aside from a bout with a particularly stubborn cold that ended up as bronchitis, I have no excuse for my apparent sloth.

I haven’t been writing, but I have been reading, listening, and watching, though.  And, we did make the obligatory trip to Asheville. Ahhh…sanity. I love Asheville. We ate at Biscuithead, so named because the biscuits are cat’s heat biscuits, the size of a cat’s head. It’s not just typical breakfast fare, though. We had fried chicken and brisket, narrowly deciding against the pulled pork and the fried green tomato. The brisket is so delicious and comes with a poached egg. OK, if Biscuithead were opened now, I’d be in my car, bucking up right. now. The place is tiny, and they had a line out the door. Winter has finally hit, and the amazing people there brought out coffee cups and let us go in and fill up and fix coffee to keep warm as we waited. Hmmmm. I have to be at work at 8:00 in the morning in Gatlinburg, TN; Biscuithead opens at 7:00. It’s about 80 miles… Let’s do some math.

So what have I deserted my Whimsy for?

I’ve almost finished listening to Case Histories by Kate Atkinson. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it because I like my mysteries to be mysteries, but it’s excellent. The narrator is not someone I was already familiar with, but she really brings quite a bit of dimension to the characters. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m an audiobook addict. I’m practically a groupie of Simon Vance (my favorite reader) and Simon Prebble.

I just picked up Choked Up by Janey Mack in Asheville at a cool independent bookstore, Malaprop’s. It looks like pure and simple fun. It’s a mystery about a meter maid who ends up solving a mystery.

Community_titleIt’s been great having Carl having the time off with me, and we have indulged in some binge television watching. We watched the entire run of Community, including the Yahoo-only 6th season. It’s a weird sit-com that really captured us. I hated the Chang storyline, but forgave it because so many of the episodes are simply so funny. It’s not to everyone’s taste, though; it’s self-referential and has many, many inside jokes that you really have to be about my age to fully get.

I also did my “homework.” I watched District B13 for the post I’m going to write for the France on Film Blogathon at Serendipitous Anachronisms. (No, Summer, I didn’t forget!) I’m planning to have that up tomorrow!

So, there’s my where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing instead of writing my posts like a responsible blogger! I guess my New Year’s Resolution should be to make sure I post regularly!

Happy New Year… a little late!



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