Round ‘Em Up!

cowgirl with lassoToday’s assignment on Writing 101 was to publish a roundup. Well, actually, it was to publish a collaborative post, but I never got around to that. I meant to. Really. I did. I even thought of some great fellow bloggers I wanted to write with, but… Anyway, it didn’t happen. This is a nice time for me to let you know about some of the blogs that inspire me. I know the point of the roundup is to let you know the highlights of what I’ve read this week, but instead of giving you specific posts, I’m mainly linking you to the home pages of these fantastic sites so  that you can look around and find  your own favorite. One exception is a great creepy story in honor of October’s heralding of Halloween’s approach. I have a wide variety of topics and genres here, and not everyone I love to read is here. What I wanted to do was put out a roundup that is indicative of the breadth of my reading tastes. So, head ’em up, move ’em out!


Afthead– Johanna, the writer behind Afthead is one of the first great connections I made as a blogger. Her site is always insightful and well-written. Pop over and give her a read.

Young Change Best Change– This is a site I’ve hooked up with as Socrates Underground. These are young people committed to positive change– and working to make it happen. They deserve our support!

Katzenworld– I love cats! I can’t deny it; I won’t even try. This site has everything cat-related, and Angel, the cat who “writes” many of the reviews is so beautiful.

Late Night Journal– by AnonymouStalker- I have linked to an especially creepy story on this site because I love to read a good scary story. Do not–Seriously DO NOT read this one late at night! Anonymous is a great writer, so check out the whole site… when your nerves calm back down!

La Duchesse d-erat– You’ll find everything here from fiction to essays and beautiful photos. This is one of my favorite sites for just rowsng. I also love that posts are written in both French and English.

Sarah’s Attic of Treasures– This site never fails to pick me up if I’m a little down. Sarah is such a lovely person, and it comes through on her site on every page.

Sincerely, Hil– This is just such an Up site that I always enjoy stopping by! I feel like it’s a girl’s day out with friends.

How to Be 50- I love Charlotte Latvala’s fun take on becoming “more mature”, but never getting old! I love humor, and Charlotte has a wry sense of humor that I enjoy.

I also love photography, and below are two photography blogs I always enjoy browsing.


RP Stillworks Photography

I read plenty of other blogs; I read reviews for books, movies, and products a plenty. I love humor and short fiction. I follow tons of education blogs and Socrates, but I wanted to share some of my fun-times reads here. I  love to pop over to Cracked or Boing Boing for a does of insanity, but that’s more like heading out to the Big City. This list felt more like visiting friends.

Let me know if you have some great sites that I should check out!

Have fun reading! The next roundup will be coming from Carl!



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