Hello, World!

Today’s post is for Writing 101, and my assignment is to find my inspiration from my statistics. I have to confess, as a dedicated Type-A personality, I have already been rather well-acquainted with my stats; from the beginning, I have been excited by the variety of nations represented on my little map. I haven’t ever traveled outside the United States; in fact, I haven’t even had the opportunity to explore much of my own nation. But I love to explore other cultures: Documentaries about the Dutch tulip industry, the Venetian Canals, women’s lives in Saudi Arabia… Music is also an integral part of me, and I love to listen to music from around the world. In spite of being a typical mono-linguistic American~hang head in shame~ I can sing in French, Italian, and Spanish.

Colorful-globe-with-national-flagsSo, I experience pure delight to be able to communicate with people from Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, India, Canada, Denmark, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.  This isn’t the complete list, so if you’re here from somewhere else, I’ve definitely noticed you!

I don’t think I’ll be keeping up this post As-Is, but I do want to play around with the idea of introducing myself to The World.

If you’re a visitor from an exotic land, (California counts! Gosh, pretty much anywhere y’all isn’t a common plural form of you is exotic to me!), what would you like me to tell you about living here in East Tennessee, USA?

I didn’t really get my feedback from readers like I was assigned to do earlier, so I’m also putting in a poll to find out what kind of posts you like best. (Please note that as an English teacher, I know that the plural of you is you–even in East Tennessee ;).)

Click on the type of post you’ve found the most enjoyable to read. I’ve set it to allow you to vote more than once in case you just can’t make up your mind!

6 thoughts on “Hello, World!

  1. This is an intriguing topic to explore, Tracey! In terms of suggestions for future posts, my advice is to write about those things that excite you, the things that make you laugh or bring tears to your eyes, the things that touch your heart.

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  2. I am from the PHILIPPINES!! 😀 And I do think my country is exotic? 😀

    This is a lovely post and I agree with you. Looking at the diversity of nationalities that read/view us make me feel that I a travelling, even only virtually. 🙂

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  3. Good idea, Tracey! I’ve always liked the idea to connect with people all over the world too, and like you, I’ve been fascinated with my stats since day one!
    We’ve visited the States a couple of times and toured many states already, but we’ve never been to Tennessee!

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    1. East Tennessee is beautiful here in the mountains, especially in the fall. Unfortunately, we are also the most polluted national park in the US because of traffic, and the air can be unpleasant in the summer, especially when you combine the pollution with our high humidity. But it is still really pretty.

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