Love at First Sight


Sighing heavily, I entered the gymnasium for my social dance class, dreading yet another wrestling match with Old Joe, the lecherous senior citizen taking the class as an extension course. I reflected that taking a dance class for my phys ed class might be a way to meet men, but maybe not quality ones.

heart-girl-tumblr-lovely-in-loveBut wait!

A new man sat across the room.

A handsome man!


When the teacher called for us to find partners for the Fox Trot, we sashayed casually toward each other, he extending his hand; I with a smile.

 Today we celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary.







I wrote this as an assignment for my Writing 101 class on word count. Since I’m pretty confident with the high word counts, I challenged myself with a low word count. That, in itself, created another challenge because most of the short writing assignments were for fiction, which I really cannot write. Seriously. Then I realized I didn’t have to write fiction; I could write about meeting the love of my life. And so I did.

26 thoughts on “Love at First Sight

    1. Thank you! When I first saw the assignment, my first reaction was that I just wouldn’t be able to do it, but I teach writing in high school and wouldn’t let my students get away with that attitude! Blogging has been invaluable to me in reminding me about the writing process. And this class has been especially helpful.

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  1. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! It seems like we will always remember the very first time we met the “him” and that instant connection. I also still remember the very first time I met my husband like yesterday. Your post makes me smile 🙂

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