A Creature of Habit


I’m unusually resistant to change in some ways. My writing is one of these. Since the earliest days of the word processor, I have preferred composing directly on the computer to writing anything out by hand. Most of my pre-writing is done as a “background application” running in my unquiet mind. By composing directly onto the computer, I can actually keep up with my thoughts. When I try to compose by hand, I find that I forget what I’m trying to say before my fingers catch up. Yes, my memory is that bad!

I have a laptop and iPad in addition to my desktop, but I really only work on my desktop. I like the formality of sitting at my desk and working. (I also hate the tiny keyboards on the smaller devices.) I’m not a fan of the great outdoors, so when I do go, it’s for a very specific reason, so the lack of portability is really no loss. I also need a silent, tranquil atmosphere to concentrate, often with a cup of tea, so again my desk is best.

I will never be one of those writers typing away on the next Great American Novel at Starbucks. Well, that’s for actually many reasons starting with the facts that I don’t write fiction, and I’m not a fan of Starbucks coffee. (They have great treats, though!) But trying to write surrounded by people and that frozen coffee machine noise would be a complete exercise in futility.

My husband is my complete opposite: He writes ideas on scraps of paper; notebooks scatter his areas; and he can block out the world to concentrate on a task. It’s the one way we’re really different. He doesn’t like Starbucks coffee, either–but enjoys the treats.

buffy 1So, yes, every post on every one of my blogs has been written on a desktop computer at a desk, usually at home in my kitchen. There, I’m often joined by Buffy, my newest cat, who often walks across the keyboard to remind me to take a break and give her a head rub or Isabel, who sits quietly in the chair beside me, offering her silent support. My pup Sophie generally naps at my feet, alerting me of teadangers such as an uppity rabbit in the backyard. My older cats, Boomer and Xena wander by the check on me if I work too long. And of course, my husband Carl often checks on me to make sure I don’t work too long, often bringing me tea or good coffee. Every test I’ve written, every handout for my students, every email has been written on a desktop.

Below, I’ve tried my hand at my first Google Form, so we will see how it goes… Let me know how you write!

If anyone knows how to share live results using a Google Form, please let me know in the Comments! If you know a similar surveying tool that more easily shares results with respondents, I’d love to know that as well. I’m very interested in working in more interactive features into my sites!



14 thoughts on “A Creature of Habit

  1. I really like the way you write! As a non-native English speaker, I feel like I can learn English from your posts. I got a sense that you’re truly a word lover. Should try writing at a desk in the kitchen, maybe I will be nibbling on snacks instead of writing, hehe 🙂

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    1. I know! My won home desk isn’t that nice. BUT, my desk at work is this same type. The center part with the typewriter is on the left instead of the center, but it’s definitely a similar make. I’ll have to get a photo of it!


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