Why Appreciate Others?

I love that you said, “True education helps you think and learn and stays with you always. ” As a teacher, I think it is so important to remember this. In fact, you whole blog goes to the core of what I consider to be successful teaching: picking on what students do wrong will not help half as much as helping them improve on their strengths. And I love your photos.

I don’t think your posts have been too long. You may have noticed that my posts are long, so take this for what it’s worth! 🙂 But I think that with your images to break up the text, you should say what is in your heart. One thing I found was that since my posts were long, I did choose a theme with a smaller body font.

Keep on blogging!

absolutely bunkum!

In my school curriculum I had a very nice chapter in Hindi literature. I don’t remember the details anymore but the chapter had a very good influence on me and I still remember one of the quotations from that chapter. I am translating it in English here:

It’s bad to criticize someone behind their back; but it’s worse to hold the words of appreciation back when others deserve them.

This quote stayed with me while I forgot most of what I had memorized in school to pass examinations. True education helps you think and learn and stays with you always. What I liked about this quote in particular was the emphasis on appreciating others for their good behavioral traits. It helps bring best out of people. It’s good to focus on appreciating good qualities of people because it encourages them. It also helps shift your attention on what is good…

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